Aboriginal Inspirations

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SKU: CD-AI6209
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2017
Record Label: Independent


Kevork Andonian, Christine Donkin, Victor Herbiet, Frank Horvat, Ron Korb, Jen McLachlen, Daniel Mehdizadeh and Evelyn Stroobach


Ralitsa Tchokolakoca, violin & viola
Benjamin Smith, piano
Jen McLachlen, flute
Dominique Moreau, native drum
Ron Korb, flute & native flutes

Track Listing:

1. Of the Dancing of the Spirits at Night - Kevork Andonian
2. Finding Arrowheads at Bear Lake - Christine Donkin
3. Hunting Rite - Victor Herbiet

The Man, The Snake and the Fox - Frank Horvat

4. The Weary and Unlucky Hunter
5. Cries for Help
6. The Sanke Convinces the Hunter
7. The Snake Attacks the Hunter
8. The Fox Tricks the Snake and Saves the Hunter
9. The Hunter Thanks and Promises
10. "Don't You Remember?"

11. Courtship song - Ron Korb
12. Birds of Prince Albert - Jen McLachlen
13. Oohoo - Daniel Mehdizadeh
14. Fire Dance - Evelyn Stroobach

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