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Chronos Choral Competition

Chronos Choral Competition

August 14, 2017

Choral Composition Competition
Deadline: September 4, 2017

Chronos Vocal Ensemble is an ambitious non-professional choir based in the Edmonton area. Founded in 2013, we aim to produce high-calibre choral performances in Edmonton, around Alberta and across Canada. We produce an annual season of concerts in Edmonton and perform regularly in the surrounding area. In 2015, we won the Healey Willan Grand Prize in the National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs. We have released two recordings: Presenting Chronos Vocal Ensemble (2015) and The Simplest Way: The Music of Trent Worthington (2016). We have toured around Alberta and the Prairies, and anticipate an international tour soon.

Since its inception, Chronos Vocal Ensemble has championed Canadian music and supported the creation of new works. With the launch of the first Chronos Vocal Ensemble Choral Composition Competition, the choir is taking that focus to the next level by bringing new, engaging Canadian works to the attention of the choral community.

We believe in supporting both established and emerging choral talent, creating two eligibility categories: Grand Prize (General) and Emerging Alberta Composers. Anyone who fits the general criteria is eligible to enter. To qualify for the Emerging category, an entry must meet all the general guidelines and also some additional age and education requirements outlined below. Prizes for the competition have been generously provided by an anonymous supporter.


1. General (All Canadian composers)
To be eligible, a composer must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or landed immigrant. The work submitted must be original, not an arrangement of a pre-existing piece or melody. The composition must not have been commissioned, published, performed or recorded at the time of entry, and must remain so until performed by Chronos Vocal Ensemble within the following year.

2. Emerging Alberta composers
To be eligible for this category, all the requirements of the general category must be met AND the following additional requirements must also be met: The composer must be a current Alberta resident, age 25 and under at time of entry and have not completed a graduate degree in composition.

· The winning compositions in each category will be performed by Chronos Vocal Ensemble in the 2017-2018 season.
· In addition, prizes of $1500 for the General category and $500 for the Emerging category.
· Winners will receive a recording of the performance.
· Chronos Vocal Ensemble will champion the winning compositions and endeavour to promote these works further as appropriate (possibly including release on a commercial recording, performance on tour, recommendation to publishers).
· For a competition winner interested in attending the premiere, Chronos Music Society may be able to contribute to costs, depending on timing and budgets.

All entries must be submitted to the email competition@chronosvocalensemble.com. All entries will be acknowledged by email. If confirmation has not been received within one week of submission, please email admin@chronosvocalensemble.com to inquire.

More details can be found at http://www.chronosvocalensemble.com/