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A compilation of the most talented composers in film today.

A compilation of the most talented composers in film today.

August 14, 2017

"Canadian composer Lesley Barber wowed audiences last year with her melancholy score for the Oscar winning film “Manchester By the Sea.” Since then, it’s been hard to not look back on her work and recognize her for the talented composer she is.

From theater to TV, Barber has dipped a toe into almost every facet of composing that one can imagine. After graduating the University of Toronto with a master’s degree in music composition, she spent several years scoring plays before moving into film and television. Although Barber’s score for the award winning “Manchester By the Sea” was considered ineligible by the academy for mixing pre-existing music in with her original scores for various scenes, it’s her penchant for mixing the old with the new that intrigues us so much. The way she mixes the harmonies from the chorals she commissioned for the film and the string instruments is undeniably beautiful, and has become somewhat of a rarity in film composition today. Barber’s most notable compositions include the children’s series “Little Bear,” “You Can Count on Me,” “Mansfield Park,” and “Hysterical Blindness..."