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Japanese Canadian Artist Directory

Japanese Canadian Artist Directory

August 23, 2017

"Welcome to the online Japanese Canadian Artist Directory. This directory site has been built on the foundation of a former print directory, Japanese Canadians in the Arts: A Directory of Professionals compiled and edited by Aiko Suzuki in 1994 and its accompanying document, A Resource Guide to Japanese Canadian Culture. This digital iteration includes, and expands on the original. It enshrines the legacy of Japanese Canadian artists whose creative works may not be known, either because they were made prior to the internet era, or have been lost to time. At the same time, the site will allow current, practicing artists an opportunity to connect with peers and discover other artists’ work."

"Aiko Suzuki (1937-2005) was a remarkable and prolific Toronto-based visual artist. Born in Vancouver, she was interned with her family in the Slocan region before moving to Ontario. For 25 years, she was a mentor to many artists, and was involved in arts education with countless students throughout Toronto. In 1994, Aiko was a founder of the Gendai Gallery in Toronto – dedicated to contemporary art by Asian artists. (...) Aiko often recounted a legendary concert by John Cage that she attended with her young daughter on her knee. Chiyoko grew up to become a composer of experimental music."

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Chiyoko Szlavnics

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