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Grubstake Remix: Dir. Daniel Janke

Grubstake Remix: Dir. Daniel Janke

August 30, 2017

Director's Statement
"Grubstake Remix began as a live touring show featuring five musicians and six actors. It may be thought of as a layering of archetypes, juxtaposing the language of the silent film screen with the even older language of Shakespeare. A contemporary music score provides a third-eye layer serving as a sort of glue, binding the elements together.

"What emerges is a wonderfully upbeat and intricate parallel text. The Shakespearean dialogue – extracts from numerous plays - washes over us, at times literal, at other times providing an oblique counterpoint. The audience is lulled into sharing that liminal state between film and live theatre.

"The result is imbued with humour and irony, but is never cynical or jaded. Grubstake Remix remains true to the original story, and respectful of the original works. For Shakespeare buffs it is a testament to the Bard’s enduring relevance. For silent film fans it gives new life to a long ago gem of the silent screen."
- Daniel Janke

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