Strange Machine

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Call Number: CD 1762
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2014
Record Label: Independent

Pure energy that comes straight out of your speakers directly into your heart and soul. The Frank Horvat Band creates textures and flavors of sound that envelop the senses. Strange Machine was created like a unique playlist of unconventional songs and sounds. The album features a talented collective of artists including Felicity Williams (vocals), Christine Duncan (vocals), Thom Gill (vocals & guitar), Ghislain Aucoin (vocals), Justin Haynes (guitar), Bram Gielen (bass), Joseph Phillips (bass), Oleksandra Fedyshyn (violin), Erika Nielsen (cello), Kismet Cooper (bg vocals), Michael Davidson (vibraphone), Jean Martin (percussion), Frank Horvat (keys).


Ghislain Aucoin, vocals
Kismet Cooper, vocals
Michael Davidson, vibraphone
Christine Duncan, vocals
Oleksandra Fedshyn, violin
Bram Gielen, bass
Thom Gill, vocals and guitar
Justin Haynes, guitar
Frank Horvat, keyboards
Jean Martin, percussion
Erika Nielsen, cello
Joseph Philips, bass
Felicity Williams, vocals

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