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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2017
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

Megumi Masaki, piano

The MUSIC4EYES+EARS CD/Blu-Ray project presents new solo piano + electronics + video works written especially for Megumi Masaki. These works are designed to explore diverse concepts, performance techniques and interactive technologies in live piano + multimedia performance. Central to this project is how the interaction of image, movement,
text and sound can create new expressive potentials as a whole. This exciting multimedia project features the music of Canadian composers Brent Lee, Keith Hamel, T. Patrick Carrabre, and Nicole Lizee.

Award-winning pianist Megumi Masaki's innovation and breadth of her artistic activity, dynamic temperament and "riveting and mind-expanding" performances have earned her a reputation as a leading interpreter of contemporary music. She specializes in exploring how sound, image, text and movement can be integrated in live performances of multimedia works.


Le projet MUSIC4EYES+EARS CD/Blu-ray met a I'affiche de nouvelles ceuvres solo pour piano + electronique + video ecrites tout specialement pour Megumi Masaki. Ces ceuvres sont con~ues pour explorer divers concepts, techniques d'interpretation et autres technologies interactives lors d'un concert de piano multimedia en direct. Au centre de ce projet, figure la maniere de faire interagir les images, les mouvements, les textes et les sons en vue de creer un nouveau potentiel expressif. Ce projet multimedia passionnant comprend la musique des compositeurs canadiens Brent Lee, Keith Hamel, T. Patrick Carrabre et Nicole Lizee.

Le talent novateur de la pianiste Megumi Masaki, laureate de nombreux prix, I'etendue de son activite artistique, son temperament dynamique ainsi que ses prestations « captivantes et exaltantes » ont fait d'elle une des plus eminentes interpretes de la musique contemporaine. Elle s'est specialisee dans I'exploration des sons, des images, des textes et du mouvement en s'attachant a la maniere d'integrer ces composantes a ses interpretations en direct d'ceuvres multimedia.

1. Orpheus Drones for piano, fixed soundtrack (2012) (7:31)

2. Orpheus (2) for piano, poetry by Margaret Atwood, audience participation and electronics (2015) (13:38)

3. Touch for piano, hand tracking and interactive computer processing (2013) (15:58)

1. Ferrovia for piano, electronic sound, and video (2012) (10:37)

2. Touch for piano, hand tracking and interactive computer processing (2013) (15:58)

3. Corona for piano, hand tracking, interactive computer processing and interactive video (2015) (9:14)

4. Kubrick Etudes for piano, glitch, soundtrack & video (2013-2016) (28:19)
I: The Grady Twins Etude (Danny's Song)
II: The Old Ultraviolence
III: Rehabilitationary Etude
IV: Big Wheel Etude
V: HAL's Requiem (My Mind is Going)
VI: Qwerty Etude
VII: All Work, No Play (Dull Boy Blues)
VIII: redruM Etude
IX: Tennis with Jack Torrance
X: Scherzo Suicidio

Total Time/Durée totale: 1:41:15
Release date/Date de sortie: 17-11-2017

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