After Truth - Rodney Sharman

Description:After Truth (1994) for Baroque flute and percussion (can be performed on modern flute. percussion: vibraphone, glockenspiel, suspended maraca, rainstick, chimes)

Alison Melville, Baroque flute, Richard Sack, percussion (studio recording, 2017)

After Truth consists of two pairs of two and three-part inventions for Baroque flute, vibraphone and glockenspiel, separated by coloured silences. It was my desire through invertible counterpoint and canons of all sorts to address the pursuit of truth in art in a world where truth, at best, is a dialectic, rather than an absolute. The title is taken from the philosophical writings of Mervyn Sprung. After Truth was commissioned by Strange Companions through the Canada Council. It is dedicated to composer John Rea on his fiftieth birthday.
Credits:Rodney Sharman
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Created Date28 Aug 2017