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Derek Horemans
Region: Ontario
Derek Horemans


Derek is a composer and singer/songwriter based in the Ottawa area. He has a Diploma from St. Lawrence College in Music and Digital Media, a Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Music from the University of Ottawa, and is currently studying composition at the graduate level at the University of Ottawa with Dr. Kelly-Marie Murphy. He has won the Project ISO call for scores in 2017, as well as being a two-time finalist in the annual University of Ottawa 13 Strings Workshop competition. He also won the Beaudry Somcynsky prize in Classical Music Composition Scholarship in 2017.

As a composer, his areas of interest include aleatory, graphic, and indeterminate music, particularly as it relates to music that is unique each time it is performed. Taking cues from composers such as Cage, Feldman, Brown, and Schafer, Derek's work attempts to find the expressive potential not yet discovered in the world of aleatoric music, as well as designing ways to integrate the audience and performance space into the music itself.

As a singer songwriter, Derek focuses on pop genres such as Folk, Indie, and Alternative music, using his own unique voice and lyrics to create expressively powerful songs.

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