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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2017
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

The MUSIC4EYES+EARS CD/Blu-Ray project presents new solo piano + electronics + video works written especially for Megumi Masaki. These works are designed to explore diverse concepts, performance techniques and interactive technologies in live piano + multimedia performance. Central to this project is how the itneraction of image, movement, text and sound can create new expressive potentials as a whole. This exciting multimedia project features the music of Canadian composers Brent Lee, Keith Hamel, T. Patrick Carrabré and Nicole Lizée.

Award-winning pianist Megumi Masaki's innovation and breadth of her artistic activity, dynamic temperament and "riveting and mind-expanding" performances have earned her a reputation as a leading interpreter of contemporary music. She specializes in exploring how sound, image, text, and movement can be integrated in live performances of multimedia works.


1. T. Patrick Carrabré: Orpheus Drones
for piano, fixed soundtrack (2012) - 7:31

2. T. Patrick Carrabré: Orpheus (2)
for piano, poetry by Margaret Atwood, audience participation and electronics (2015) - 13:38

3. Keith Hamel: Touch
for piano, hand tracking and interactive computer processing (2013) - 15:58


1. Brent Lee: Ferrovia
for piano, electronic sound, and video (2012) - 10:37

2. Keith Hamel:Touch
for piano, hand tracking and interactive computer processing (2013) - 15:58

3. Keith Hamel:Corona
for piano, hand tracking, interactive computer processing and interactive video (2015) - 9:14

4. Nicole Lizée: Kubrick Etudes
for piano, glitch, soundtrack & video (2013-2016) - 28:19
I: The Grady Twins Etude (Danny's Song)
II: The Old Ultraviolence
III: Rehabilitationary Etude
IV: Big Wheel Etude
V: HAL's Requiem (My Mind is Going)
VI: Qwerty Etude
VII: All Work, No Play (Dull Boy Blues)
VIII: redruM Etude
IX: Tennis with Jack Torrance
X: Scherzo Suicidio

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