Ayre II: Renaissance & Baroque Music- Original & Remixed

Monday, May 21, 2018
Event Title: Ayre II: Renaissance & Baroque Music- Original & Remixed

What would the music of Bach sound like if he were alive today?

Erato Ensemble examines that question on their highly anticipated AYRE II concert on May 26.

The first half of the programme features renaissance and baroque works in their original forms. Then Erato turns tradition on its ear by presenting the same works re-imagined by hand-picked contemporary composers.

Let’s do the time warp again!

A sequel to Erato’s acclaimed 2014 concert AYRE, this is an event four years in the making. Erato’s musicians, the cream of Vancouver’s musical scene, are known for stretching the boundaries of art song and chamber music. With this adventurous concert, they travel back in time, and then bring the past back into the future.

Bach: ich habe genug. Remixed by Michael Park
Bartlet: Of all the birds. Remixed by Adam Hill
Dowland: If my complaints. Remixed by John Oliver
Handel: Piangero. Remixed by Vincent Schillaci-Ventura
Hildegard of Bingen: O rubor sanguinis. Remixed by Lou Warde
Monteverdi: Prologue to Orfeo. Remixed by Glenn Sutherland
Narvaez: Cancion del Emperador. Remixed by Elizabeth Knudson

A bargain at just $20 in advance and $30 at the door, this innovative concert on Saturday, May 26 at 8 pm at the Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour Street) offers music you won’t hear anywhere else performed by some of Vancouver’s best musicians. Tickets are available online at eratoayre.brownpapertickets.com.

Erato offers something for everyone: classics both Baroque and “Baroquen.” Don’t miss the event that everyone will be talking about!

For more information, please contact eratoensemble@gmail.com or call 604 720 1792.
Website: eratoensemble.com