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J. Gary Sill

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Performer • Composer • Arranger • Instructor • Producer
Pianist/composer Jelaluddin Gary Sill has performed across Canada, written extensively for film, television and the theatre and has contributed his skills as a piano coach and instructor. He composes for instrumental, voice and choir as well as analog and electronic works.

Website: garysillmusic.com

Gary is highly accomplished in jazz and pop idioms, but he is best known for his extraordinary improvisational skills. In the past thirty years, he has released numerous recordings of improvised and composed music. He even has an 24/7 internet radio station dedicated to this very large opus of recorded work. (https://tunein.com/radio/J-Gary-Sill-Radio-s259929/)

Biography and Education
J. Gary Sill was born to a band leader father and journalist mother in the small town of Fort Macleod, Alberta, on September 28, 1944. He has been a musician, composer and teacher in Western Canada and now lives with his wife Carole Harmon in the west coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia where he records and produces music in his own custom designed studio.

Through the Banff Centre For The Arts, Gary has worked or studied with:
• Steve Reich, John Cage, R. Murray Schaffer, Oscar Peterson, Carl Berger, Ursula Oppens, and other influential contemporary composers.
• Stephen Temmer, (audio engineering) and Gene Youngblood, (future of electronic media).

Music Studies at The University of Calgary:
• Composition with Luigi Zaninelli and Piano with Gloria Saarinen.
• Electronic Music with Dr. Stan Finn
• Film History with Miroslav Malik (Czeck pioneer of holography in art).

Private study included music theory with Gordon Delamont, Native Indian Culture with Abe Burnstick and Improvisational Acting with Keith Johnstone (University of Alberta).

Instructor at Grant McEwan College (Jazz Program):
• piano, ensemble performance, music theory, sight singing and ear training, vocal accompaniment.

• Summer of 2013 Performed and Recorded with the Cunningham Family Band during the production of “The Cunningham Family Métis Music Project”

J. Gary Sill Radio
In 2016, Sill created an internet radio station, broadcasting 24/7 with over 25 hours of original compositions and recorded performances. The station was added to the TuneIn Network on December 18, 2015. The station is also available at: www.garysillmusic.com

Teachers and Instructors
Sill counts as important influences Sufi teachers and guides, including Shamcher Bryn Beorse and the French Sufi composer Hidayat Inayat-Khan whose forty year friendship has deepened and directed his understanding and practice of music.

Composing, Producing and Arranging
Some Music Production Highlights

• Film score and musician contractor for “Here Nor There”, directed by Julia Hutchings.
• Film Score for a National Film Board documentary on CBC Radio as well as "Minister of Everything", a documentary dealing with the life of the influential Canadian politician, C. D. Howe, Both directed by Robert Duncan.
• Produced, performed, and arranged CD recordings for Vancouver singers Maria Miceli, Pam Henry and Jerry DesVoignes

• Co-wrote "The Inner Call" a Music Theatre production with William Pasnak.
• Composer for the stage adaptation of Jan Truss’ “Jasmine”.
• Composer for One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company and for Theatre Calgary.
• Music director for “Jacques Brel Cabaret” (Jasper Players Theatre).

• Released Piano and Orchestrated CDs:
“Wire” (2017), ”Night Vision" (2010), "Golden Highway" (2008), "Stonehenge Is Burning" with Canadian jazz great, Bob Day (2007), “Restless Hearts” (2002), “Spring Is In The Poet” (2001), “Healing Moon” (2000)

• Produced for PacificLine, Vancouver,
Music for Relaxation Series:
"Pachelbel’s Canon in D", "Bach", "Beethoven", "Fauré & Saint-Saëns", "Albinoni & Hayden", "Satie, variations on 3 Gymnopédies".

• Produced for Sound of Light, The Hague, Netherlands
Sufi Music and Instructional Recordings.

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