Musical Canada
words and music honouring Helmut Kallmann / edited by John Beckwith and Frederick Hall

Title:Musical Canada words and music honouring Helmut Kallmann / edited by John Beckwith and Frederick Hall
Release Date:1985

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Call Number:ML 55 K2 M98 1988
Date of Acquisition:25 Apr, 2006
Physical Description:1 book : (xiii, 369 p. : ill., music) ; 24 cm
382 Pages
Height: 24 cm
Additional Information:Includes index. Bibliography: p. (325)-344. "Writings by Helmut Kallmann": p. (315)-324. The transmission of Algonkian Indian hymns: between orality and literacy / Beverley Cavanagh Catalogue des imprimes musicaux d'avant 1800 conservés a la bibliotheque de l'Universite Laval / Claude Beaudry Musique spirituelle (1718): Canada's first music theory manual / Erich Schwandt La fortune de deux oeuvres de Jean-Jacques Rousseau au Canada français entre 1790 et 1850 / Lucien Poirier Music instruction in Nova Scotia before 1914 / Nancy F. Vogan John Lowell (1810-93): Montreal music printer and publisher / Maria Calderisi Bryce A little fantasy on J.P. Clarke's ballad "Summer and winter" / Clifford Ford Orchestras and Orchestral repertoire in Toronto before 1914 / Carl Morey Musical activity in Canada's new capital city in the 1870s / Elaine Keillor Homage to Helmut / Richard Johnston Ships of the fleet: The Royal Navy and the development of music in British Columbia / Robert Dale McIntosh Maurice Ravel au Canada / Gilles Potvin Ernest MacMillan: The Ruhleben years / Keith MacMillan CanOn stride / John Weinzweig Notes on Violet Archer / George A. Proctor Healey Willan's unfinished Requiem / F.R.C. Clarke Thisness: marks and remarks / Istvan Anhalt Sun-father sky-mother / R. Murray Schafer Sounds in the wilderness: fifty years of CBC commissions / Patricia Kellogg The Canadian music council: a brief history / Ronald Napier Three masses by Maritime composers / Walter H. Kemp Towards the "One justifiable end": six discs / Kenneth Winters The Glenn Gould outtakes / Geoffrey Payzant Writings by Helmut Kallmann
Available For:Reference
Published By:University of Toronto Press
Author:Various Composers
Additional People:John Beckwith, Helmut Kallmann, Frederick Albert Hall
Language:Main language: English
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