Music in Canada
capturing landscape and diversity

Title:Music in Canada capturing landscape and diversity
Release Date:2006
Instrumentation:1 x Piano

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Call Number:ML 205 .K27
Date of Acquisition:18 Oct, 2006
Physical Description:x, 499 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. + 1 sound disc (70 min. : digital ; 12 cm.)
Additional Information:Includes sound disc entitled 'Canadians at the keyboard' featuring performances by Elaine Keillor and produced by Carleton sound (CSCD-1008). Also includes (8) p. booklet. Date on sound disc is c2000. Bibliography (p. 419-453), discography (p. 454) and Filmography (p. 455-6). Table of contents: Acknowledgments 1. Exploring the sounds of Canada 2. Traditional musical expressions of the first peoples 3. Music the French brought to Canada 4. Music the British brought to Canada 5. Expanding settlements before confederation 6. Forging a nation with music: 1867 - 1918 7. The rise of popular music 8. Musical expansion 9. From "A rag time spasm" to "I'm movin' on" 10. Performers and creators: 1945 - 1970 11. "I know an old lady": modern folk to CanCon quotas 12. Refined music in Canada and abroad 13. Closer to the heart 14. Space and identity Contents of accompanying sound disc: Royal fusiliers' arrival / C. D'Argenson -- Canada union waltz / A Canadian lady -- Marche de la St-Jean-Baptiste / J.C. Brauneis, Jr. -- Centenary or fancy fair polka and galop / A.H. Lockett -- Quadrille Canadienne / Antoine Dessane -- Stadaconé / Ernest Gagnon -- Le papillon / Calixa Lavallée -- Souffle parfumé / Joseph Vézina -- Tintamarre / J. Humfrey Anger -- Cavalcade / Gena Branscombe -- Pavane / G. E. Tanguay / Silhouette / Colin McPhee -- Suite Canadienne: chanson, gigue / Léo-Pol Morin -- Prelude / W. O. Forsyth -- Dirgeling / John Weinzweig -- Prélude I / Rodolphe Mathieu -- Singing school / Stephen Humbert -- Canada -- Resurrection / Mark Burnham -- Port Hope / Alexander Davidson (?) -- Confie au plus tendre des pères / Lauren Édouard Rivard -- Just as I am / George W. Linton -- Will he not come back / John Marchant Whyte -- Soldats du Christ / Lauren Édouard Rivard -- By Christ redeemed / G. Jennings Burnett -- Crossing the bar / Albert Ham -- Lambeth Road / James J. Jones -- British African Gavotte / G. Jennings Burnett -- Prière / Georges-Émile Tanguay -- Marche / Frederick Glackemeyer
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Published By:McGill-Queen's University Press
Author:Elaine Keillor
Additional People:Rodolphe Mathieu, John Weinzweig, Calixa Lavallée, Georges-Émile Tanguay, Joseph Vézina, Colin McPhee, Antoine Dessane, Gena Branscombe, Ernest Gagnon, Frederick Glackemeyer, Stephen Humbert, George W. Linton, John M. Whyte, Wesley Octavius Forsyth, Laurent-Éduard Rivard, Jean-Chrysostome Brauneis II, A. H. Lockett, George W. Strathy, C. D'Argenson, J. Humfrey Anger, Léo-Pol Morin, Mark Burnham, Alexander Davidson, G. Jennings Burnett, Albert Ham, James J. Jones
Language:Main language: English
Degree of Difficulty:Advanced
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