Oratorio and cantata excerpts - extraits d'oratorios et de cantates
The Canadian Musical Heritage / Le patrimoine canadien, volume 18

Composition Date: 1995


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  • 1 x Mixed chorus


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  • M 2.3 C3 C33 v. 18
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  • July 7, 2008
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  • Print-music, published
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  • 1 book (297 p.); 31 cm.
    297 Pages
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    Main language: French
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  • Acknowledgements / Remerciements
    Editorial Aims and Methods
    Introduction (English)
    Critical Notes
    Bibliography / Bibliographie
    Abbreviations and Library Sigla / Abreviations et sigles des biblioteques
    Buts de l'edition et methode critique
    Introduction (francais)
    Notes critiques

    J. Humphrey Anger: A Song of Thanksgiving
    No. 6: Chorus (SSATB), "Let the heavens rejoice"

    Francesco D'Auria: Gulnare, or the Crusader's Ransom
    No. 1: Crusaders' Chorus, "Deus vult! our battle cry" (SATB with tenor)
    No. 10: Trio (SAB), "Ho! miscreant, die"
    No. 11: Chorus (SATB), "Too pure for earth"

    Clarence Lucas: The Birth of Christ
    No. 2: Chorus (SATB), "The Dawn rose red"
    No. 3: Chorus (SA) with tenor solo, "Watchman, tell us of the night"
    No. 4: Chorus (SATB), "Carol, Christians"


    Charles A. E. Harriss: Daniel Before the King
    No. 17: Air (bass), "Daniel! Servant of the living God"
    No. 20: Chorus (SATB) and chorale, "He is the living God"

    Charles A. E. Harriss: Pan, a Choric Idyl
    No. 1: Chorus (SATB), "He-ja-ho! Who are they?"
    No. 2: Scene (soprano, bass with chorus), "O Loveliest"
    No. 10: Recitative (tenor, bass), "Ah, Dearest, is it thou?"
    No. 11: Recitative, "O Master, pipe again"
    Nos. 12-13: Recitative and Air (bass), "Ah, music mine"
    No. 14: Chorus (SATB), "We heard a sorrow coming"

    Alexis Contant: Cain
    Deuxieme partie, «Le Sang»
    Scene (tenor, baryton, bass), «Insense, dieu te voit!»
    Choeur (SATB), «Le premier homicide»


    Alexis Contant: Les Deux ames
    3e Air (tenor), «Dieu permet a ses archanges»
    4e Choeur (voix des rochers, SATB), «Viens a moi, faible enfant»

    Guillaume Couture: Jean le precurseur
    Premiere partie, «La Nativité»
    No. 6 (L'Historien, tenor), «Or, au sixieme mois»
    No. 7 (Marie, soprano), «Qu'il me soit fait selon votre parole»
    No. 8 Choeur (SATB), «Apprenez la nouvelle»
    Deuxieme partie, «La Prédication»
    No. 17 Scene (baryton et quatuor vocal), «Vous avez peche contre lui»
    No. 18 2e Choeur des publicains, «Il en est un que notre ame venere»
    No. 19 (Le Precurseur, baryton), «Mais il ne suffit pas»
    No. 20 (Quatre Pharisiens, quatuor vocal), «Offrons a notre dieu»
    No. 21 Choeur (SATB), «Rejouissons-nous!»
    No. 29 Scene (Quatre Pharisiens, quatuor vocal et baryton), «Que penses-tu de toi?»
    No. 30 Choeur (SATB), «Au monde le Christ est manifeste»
    Troisieme partie, «Le Martyre»
    No. 45 (Antipas, basse), «Delices! Voluptes!»

    Albert Ham: The Solitudes of the Passion
    Part 2, "Gethsemane"
    Recitative (tenor), "Now he that betrayed Him"
    Recitative (bass), "It is not an open enemy"
    Chorus (SATB), "I have trodden the winepress alone"

    Healey Willan: The Mystery of Bethlehem
    No. 1 (chorus, SATB and soprano), "The Prophecy"
    No. 4 (chorus, SA and soprano), "The Shepherds"

    Ernest MacMillan: England, an ode
    Part I:
    Solo (baritone), "All the terror of time"
    Chorus (SSATTB), "Yet the might of her wings in flight"
    Part II:
    Solo (soprano), "Music made of change"
    Chorus (SSAA; SATB), "Where the footfall sounds"

    Gena Branscombe: Pilgrims of Destiny
    Scene 1: "The Sailors", Chantey (TTBB), "Set him in the bilboes"
    Scene 4: Chorus of children, "All a-maying go!"
    Scene 5: "Before the dawn", chorus (SSAA) with mezzo-soprano. "On over the water"

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    Clifford Ford
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