Opera and operetta excerpts I - Extraits d'opéras et d'opérettes I
The Canadian Musical Heritage / Le patrimoine canadien, volume 10

Dorith R. Cooper
Dorith R. Cooper
Composition Date: 1991


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Piano
  • 2 x Unspecified voice
Instrumentation Set Number 2:
  • 1 x Piano
  • 1 x Unspecified voice


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  • M 2.3 C3 C33 v. 10
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  • July 9, 2008
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  • Print-music, published
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  • 1 book (260 p.); 31 cm.
    260 Pages
    Height: 31 cm
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  • Main language: English
    Main language: French
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  • Acknowledgements / Remerciements
    Editorial Aims and Methods
    Introduction (English)
    Commentaries on Operas
    Critical Notes
    Bibliography / Bibliographie
    Abbreviations and Library Sigla / Abreviations et Sigles des Bibliotheques
    Buts de l'edition et methode critique
    Introduction (francais)
    Commentaires sur les operas
    Notes critiques

    Colas et Colinette:
    Joseph Quesnel
    1. Ariette: Colinette (I:6, no 5) "Le tendre amour"
    2. Ariette: Le Bailli (II:5, no 6) "En amour plein d'expérience"
    3. Ariette: M. Dolmont (II:6, no 7) "De l'indigence autour de moi"
    4. Duo: Colas, le Bailli (II:10, no 8) "Monsieur L'Bailli"

    Lucas et Cecile:
    Joseph Quesnel
    1. Ariette: Cécile (no 2) "Non maman"
    2. Trio dialogue: Therese, DuSotin, Mathurin (no 5)
    3. Ariette: DuSotin (no 7) "Je ne m'en fais point accroire"
    4. Ariette: Lucas (no 16) "Ah! gardes gardes votre bien"
    5. Choeur: Cécile, Thérèse, Lucas, Mathurin (no 17) "Plus de tristesse"


    The Maire of St. Brieux:
    Frederick Augustus Dixon / Frederick W. Mills
    1. Song: "Only a daisy"
    2. Song: "Bud Time and Spring Time"

    Canada's Welcome: A Masque:
    Frederick Augustus Dixon / Arthur A. Clappe
    1. Recitative, Aria: The Indian Chief "The Manitou has spoken"
    2. Solo: The Indian Maiden (Canada) "Romanza"

    TIQ: Settled at last:
    Will F. Sage and Phillips Hawley / Calixa Lavallee
    1. Air, Chorus: Sitting Bull, Braves, Maidens (I:2) "Ah! My Loved Braves and Maidens!"
    2. Air, Chorus: Col. Carter, Chorus (I:7) "Uncle Sam is Very Much Dissatisfied"
    3. Chorus, recitative, Chorus: Indian Chorus, Col. Carter, Simeon (II:22) "We Never Tell a Lie"
    4. Duet: Tenino, Walter (II:23) "The Flower Song"

    The Widow:
    Frank H. Nelson / Calixa Lavallée
    1. Duet: Marcel, Nanine (I:2) "Oh! Trust My Love"
    2. Solo, Chorus: Paquita, Chorus (I:4) "Happy and Free"
    3. Trio: Paquita, Marquis, Passepoil (I:13) "Farewell for Ever"
    4. Solo: Chorus: Lizette, Chorus (II:15) "Laughing Chorus"
    5. Solo: Nanine (III:23) "Smiling Hope"

    Leo, the Royal Cadet:
    George F. Cameron / Oscar F. Telgmann
    1. Leo, Nellie, Chorus (I:8) "Farewell, O Fragrant Pumpkin Pie"
    2. Recitative: Commandant, Nellie "II:11) "Ho! Ho! My Pretty Maid"
    3. Solo: Nellie (II:12) "I Met Him in the Far Away"
    4. Solo: Commandant (II:13) "Ho, Ho! My Airy Fairy Maid"
    5. Duet: The German and French professors (II:17) "The German and French Professors"
    6. Solo: Caroline (II:21) "Some Day"
    7. Solo, Chorus: Cetcho, Zulus (III:27) "The Stars as They Look"

    Edward Oxenford / Charles A.E. Harriss
    1. Recitative: Maida (I:4) "Alas for Me!"
    2. Air: Maida (I:5) "The Happy Birds"
    3. Recitative: Cormae (I:5) "What Idol Words Do I Hear" and Chant of Monks (I:6) "Salus per Christum"
    4. Scena: Cormae, Torquil, Thora, Maida (I:10) "Beware! Once More"
    5. Duet: Torquil, Katla (II:19) "My Love! I All the Past Forgive"

    Le Laureat:
    Félix-Gabriel Marchand / Joseph Vézina
    1. Arioso: Pauline (II:8) "Moi, je suis l'enfant du malheur"
    Trio: Pauline, Paul, Bernardin (II:8) "Ma dot unique est mon amour"
    2. Récitatif arioso: La Mere Michel, Pauline, Bernardin, Paul (II:9) "Pauline Ah! Je suis tout en nage"
    3. Duo: Paul, Pauline (II:10) "Ah! mon âme ravie"

    Le Rajah:
    Benjamin Michaud / Joseph Vézina
    1. Solo: Archibald Neverscoop (I:17) "La bomb"
    2. Solo, Choeur: Lolila, Choeur des Fleurs (II:2) "Nous sommes les fleurs jolies"
    3. Solo, Choeur: Rajah, Choeur des Hindous (II:5) "Voilà mille ans aux temps des Cendrillons"

    Le Fetiche:
    Alex Villandray et Louis Fleur / Joseph Vézina
    1. Dialogue: Lucienne, Gaetane (I:4) "Lis-nous ta demande"
    2. Rondeau d'amour: Gaetane, choeur (I:4) "L'amour est une douce chose"
    3. Air: Perusse (I:10) "J'ai pour maison"
    4. Choeur d'Iroquois, Saika (II:1, no 3) "Ou-he! Ou-he!"
    5. Dialogue: Bison-Borgne, Tecumseh (II:2) "Que demande le puissant"
    6. Choeur: Saika, Bison-Borgne, soli, Choeur d'Iroquois (II:3) "La Chanson du scalp"
    7. Air: Gaston (II:8) "Ah! tu recules"

    Miss Pepple (of New York)
    C.S. Blanchard / William Dichmont
    1. Song: Cynthia (I:6) "Simple Maid"

    Honoré Thibault / Alphonse Lavallée-Smith
    1. Mélodrame: Gisèle (I:6) "Oui, c'est vrai, je l'aime"
    2. Mélodie: Albert (I:7) "Pourquoi pleurer?"

    Rip Van Winkle:
    (after Washington Irving) / Edward B. Manning
    1. Air: Rip (I): "The Huntsman lives according to nature's plan"
    2. Chorus: Katrina, Village Girls (I): "Rip Van Winkle's house"
    3. Air: Nick (III) "O'er the dark'ning leagues of the ocean";
    Recitative: Nick, Judy "Nick! Nick!";
    Sailor's songs and hornpipe;
    Recitative: Nick, Judy "Bravo";
    Duet: Nick, Judy "A voice within my heart is ringing"
    4. Recitative: Rip, Dame, Jan Van Buren (III:Finale) "Wife! How strange you look";
    Quartet/chorus: Judy, Nick, Rip, Dame, Girls, Sailors, Villagers "Gold! Gold!"

    Additional People:
    Clifford Ford
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