Organ music I - Musique d'orgue I
The Canadian Musical Heritage / Le patrimoine canadien, volumes 4a & 4b

Composition Date: 1985


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Organ


  • Call Number:
  • M 2.3 C3 C33 v. 4
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • July 14, 2008
  • Type:
  • Print-music, published
  • Physical Description:
  • 2 volumes (4a: 189 p., 4b: 47p.); 31 cm.
    230 Pages
    Height: 31 cm
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  • Main language: English
    Main language: French
  • Additional Information:

  • Vol. 4a

    Editorial aims and methods
    Critical notes
    List of abbreviations/liste des abreviations
    Selective bibliography/bibliographie selective
    Buts de l'edition et methode critique
    Notes critiques

    I - Arrangements

    Gustave Gagnon (1842-1930)
    Marche pontificale (1886)
    Alexis Contant (1858-1918)
    Apres l'Angelus du soir (1911)

    II - Original music/musique originale
    For worship and concert use/pour le culte et le concert
    Frederick Glackemeyer (1759-1836)
    Marche (ca./v. 1807)
    (Frederick H. Andrews) (1804-1885)
    (Andante) (ca./v. 1828)
    Samuel P. Warren (1841-1915)
    Prelude and Fugue in A-Flat Major (1900)
    Arthur E. Fisher (1848-ca./v. 1912)
    Organ Voluntary (1887)
    J.E.P. Aldous (1853-1934)
    Prelude and Fugue (n. d./s. d.)
    William Reed (1859-1945)
    Cantilene (1900)
    Grand Choeur (1901)
    William R. Spence (1859-1946)
    Andante Pastorale in A (1914)
    Charles A.E. Harriss (1862-1929)
    Allegro pomposo (1890)
    Clarence Lucas (1866-1947)
    Toccata en fa, op.27 no.2 (ca./v. 1893)
    Fugue, op.36 no.2 (ca./v. 1900)
    G. Jennings Burnett (1867-1941)
    The British African Gavotte (1898)
    Herbert A. Fricker (1868-1943)
    Concert Overture in C minor (1906)
    Arthur Letondal (1869-1956)
    Toccata (1901)
    Alphonse Lavallee-Smith (1873-1912)
    Postlude (Scherzo) (1902)
    Arthur Bernier (1877-1944)
    Meditation, op.6 (1903)
    Thomas J. Crawford (1877-1955)
    Toccata in F major (1904)
    Healey Willan (1880-1968)
    Prelude and Fugue in C minor, B.146 (1909)
    Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue, B.149 (1916)
    Benoit Poirier (1882-1965)
    Basso ostinato (1916-1917)
    Joseph Paquin (1885-?)
    Allegro (1915)
    Henri Gagnon (1887-1961)
    Elegie, op.1 (1901)
    Leo Roy (1887-1974)
    Prelude (1907)
    Georges Emile Tanguay (1893-1964)
    Prayer/Priere (ca./v. 1918)

    Instructional music/musique pour l'enseignement
    Louis Reimer (fl. 1847-1875)
    Voluntary (before/av. 1860)
    Romain Octave Pelletier (1843-1927)
    Dix petits morceaux, op.3 (1870)
    (Leon Dessane) (1863-1930)
    (Trios dans tous les tons) (n. d./s. d.)
    Herbert A. Wheeldon (1864-1923)
    Cavatina, in A-flat (1910)
    Healey Willan (1880-1968)
    Pedal Study, B.143 (n. d./s. d.)

    Light music/musique de divertissement
    Louis Reimer (fl. 1847-1875)
    Doux repos (reverie) (ca./v. 1875)
    D.S. Mills (fl. 1887)
    Canada Pacific Railway Schottisch (1887)

    Vol. 4b
    Samuel P. Warren: Prelude and Fugue in A flat major
    William Reed: Cantilène
    Grand choeur
    Charles A.E. Harris: Allegro Pomposo
    T.J. Crawford: Toccata in F major

    Additional People:
    Clifford Ford
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