Arturo Parra
Arturo Parra
Composition Date: 2007
Programme Note:
Narrative of Furor
Lac des Sérénités (Lake of Serenities). Water falls drop by drop on a black lake, making ripples that tell of the man's future, his trials and joys, his encounters and sorrows. The man stares questioningly, attempting to decipher them. The ripples murmur, whisper among themselves, and fall silent.
Furor. A groaning, kicking up dust. The water drops rise skyward. Deep within the earthbound labrynth is a watery clearing, a lake under a stone vault. The singing lake swells like a skin. It tears open and lava flows out, surging into tunnels, petrifying upon contact the bristling heads of eyeless animals. Over the becalmed lake, a bird clad in stony scales hovers, while hosts of others tear themselves free of the dry magma and fly out of the volcano's mouth calling.
Terre de feu (Land of Fire). The birds crackle and burn as they flee. The earth still breathes; it expands, and its death rattle sends the charred feathers whiling through the sky like so many solitudes.
Credits: Arturo Parra. Voz; CD Liner notes, ATMA Classique ACD2 2575, 2007.
Creator: Arturo Parra
Subject: Furor
Date Created: 2007


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  • September 2, 2008
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  • Print-music, Published by CMC
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