3 Vignettes

Composition Date: 2010
Duration: 00:10:00
Genre: Orchestra / Large Ensembles, Full Orchestra (20 or more)


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 2 x Flute
  • 2 x Oboe
  • 2 x Clarinet
  • 2 x Bassoon
  • 2 x Horn
  • 2 x Trumpet
  • 1 x Timpani
  • 1 x Unspecified bowed strings
Instrumentation Set Number 2:
  • 1 x Full orchestra
Programme Note:
This is a suite of 3 brief musical portraits...each representing a different mood or scene.
The 1st begins tentatively and eventually succeeds in moving along with a carefree, rollicking feeling....nothing serious here. It is evocative of a maritime fiddle soireé and thoughts of the sea.
The 2nd attempts to portray an idea of a solitary moment spent contemplating things in life that have already occurred, that cannot be changed, and that may have had a positive effect on current events in life.
The 3rd vignette begins aggressively with a driving rhythm that permeates the movement. There are two musical ideas here that compete for attention, the faster scalar melodic motif that eventually evolves into an entire musical phrase and the rather subversive, syncopated bass line that provides a little comic relief. Sometimes working together, sometimes not... these ideas eventually arrive at a mutually satisfactory musical resolution.

Premiere Information:
Calvin Presbyterian Church
Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Jean-Michel Malouf


  • Call Number:
  • MI 1100 P1745th
  • Genre:
  • Orchestra / Large Ensembles, Full Orchestra (20 or more)
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • January 19, 2011
  • Type:
  • Print-music, Published by CMC
  • Physical Description:
  • 1 score ([45] p.) ; 35.3 cm.
    45 Pages
    Height: 35.3 cm
    Width: 25 cm
    Parts page count: 115
    21 parts ([115] p.) ; for rental
    Height: 32 cm
  • Additional Information:
  • 2222 2200 tymp str with 3 optional trombone parts
    Three movements
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