a dance in six scenes for large chamber ensemble

Jocelyn Morlock
Composition Date: 2011
Duration: 00:35:00
Genre: Orchestra / Large Ensembles, Chamber Orchestra (10 to 20)


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Flute
  • 1 x Oboe
  • 1 x Clarinet
  • 1 x Bassoon
  • 1 x Horn
  • 1 x Trumpet
  • 1 x Trombone
  • 1 x Percussion
  • 1 x Harp
  • 1 x Piano
  • 1 x Violin
  • 1 x Viola
  • 1 x Violoncello
  • 1 x Double bass
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Programme Note:
Luft is a ballet - it was written to be part of the Turning Point Ensemble’s Firebird 2011 show, with choreography by Simone Orlando, and featuring the dancers of Josh Beamish’s MOVE: The Company. The work premiered March 2 – 5, 2011, at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

Premiere personnel: Jocelyn Morlock, composer; Simone Orlando, choreographer; Turning Point Ensemble: Brenda Fedoruk, flute; David Owen, oboe; Franc¸ois Houle, clarinet; Jesse Read, bassoon; Ben Kinsman, horn; Tom Shorthouse, trumpet; Jeremy Berkman, trombone; Jane Hayes, piano; Heidi Krutzen, harp; Vern Griffiths, percussion; Mark Ferris and Domagoj Ivanovic, violins; Marcus Takizawa, viola; Olivia Blander, cello; David Brown, bass; Owen Underhill, conductor; MOVE: The Company dancers: Josh Beamish; Alison Denham; Cai Glover; Matjash Mrozewski; Heather Dotto.

Luft is in six movements; the total duration is 35 minutes, with the various sections as follows: Scene 1 - Prologue – 3”; Scene 2 - Protagonist – 7.5”; Scene 3 – Descent – 9”; Scene 4 - Meeting and Scene 5 - Duet – 9”; Scene 6 – Ascent – 6.5”.

Program note by Simone Orlando, choreographer: Luft is inspired by the enduring theme of quest within Firebird folklore. In these tales, the feather serves as a premonition of a difficult journey.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Commissioned by: Turning Point Ensemble

Premiere Information:
02/03/2011 Vancouver East Cultural Center (The Cultch) Vancouver, BC Turning Point Ensemble Conductor: Owen Underhill


  • Call Number:
  • MI 1200 M865lu
  • Genre:
  • Orchestra / Large Ensembles, Chamber Orchestra (10 to 20)
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • June 6, 2011
  • Type:
  • Print-music, Published by CMC
  • Physical Description:
  • 1 score (146 p.) ;
    146 Pages
    Height: 28 cm
    Width: 22 cm
    Parts page count: 256
    15 parts ((256) p.) ;
    Height: 28 cm
    Width: 22 cm
  • Additional Information:
  • Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Harp, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass
    I - Prologue
    II - Protagonist
    III - Descent
    IV - V - Meeting, Duet
    VI - Ascent, Final solo dance
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