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Marc Gagné: Biography

Marc Gagné
1939 -
Region: Québec

Marc Gagné

Marc Gagné was born in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, Québec, on December 16, 1939. After primary and secondary school studies, mainly in Beauce and the Québec City area, he enrolled at Laval University in arts. In 1970 he was awarded his Ph.D. He has published four works on literature.

Concurrently with his literary studies, Gagné became involved in music, studying clarinet with Majella Bouchard, piano and organ with Jean-Marie Bussières, and composition, principally with Jacques Hétu.

Since 1970 Gagné has taught at Laval University. His area of specialization is the relationship between music and literature, from opera through folksongs to songs of literary inspiration.

Beginning in 1970 he systematically visited parishes in the county of Beauce to search out and record the important, living testimony about musical folklore which is still extant there. His investigations, which were completed in 1977, enabled him to assemble a rich collection of more than 2800 works, the majority of which are songs. All these documents -- recorded on tape -- are on deposit in the Folklore Archives of Laval University. The materials which Gagné collected during these interviews served in his publication, in 1979, of a book and tape set entitled C'est dans la Nouvelle-France (Éditions Le Tamanoir, Montréal) and, in 1986, of Chantons la chanson (University of Laval Press). This latter work includes three cassettes of the songs presented in the book.

Between 1981 and 1983 Gagné was a member of the Council of the Canadian League of Composers and Francophone representative of the League on the Canadian Music Council (Ottawa). From 1983 to 1986 he was a member of the Board of Directors of The Canada Council. In 1985 he received a provincial award from the Government of Québec to enable him to complete the writing of an opera in three acts and prologue entitled Menaud, for which he wrote both music and libretto. The opera was published in 1987 by Fides in Montréal.

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