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Bengt Hambraeus: Media

Typesort icon Title Credits
Document (pdf) Newspaper Article Excerpt, Composer had careers in Sweden and Canada Everett-Green, Robert. The Globe and Mail.
Document (pdf) Essay, Bengt Hambraeus - My Teacher, Friend, and Colleague Lee, Hope (contributor). Crosscurrents and Counterpoints; University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, 1998.
Image Award, Litteris et Artibus Sveriges Kungahus
Image Book Cover, Crosscurrents and Counterpoints: Offerings in Honor of Bengt Hambraeus at 70 Design - Per F. Broman
Interview (text) Essay, Hambraeus’s Cultural Influences: Sweden to Canada Dr. Mary Ingraham
Video Recording of Motetum Archangeli Michaelis by Bengt Hambraeus Bengt Hambraeus, Stockholm Boys Choir, Roland Nilsson, Per Thunarf

Podcasts featuring Bengt Hambraeus

An Interview with Bengt Hambraeus: By Norma Beecroften