Gary Kulesha - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Number
Print-music, Published by CMC 1987 Unknown MI 2130 K96my
Sound recording, archival 00:16:55 AR2563
Night music
Print-music, Published by CMC 1987 00:20:00 MV 1101 K96ni
for chamber orchestra
Print-music, Published by CMC 1985 00:12:00 MI 1200 K96n
Sound recording, archival 00:14:46 AR2981
Nocturne and toccata
Sound recording, archival 00:08:22 AR661
Nocturne and toccata
Print-music, Published by CMC 1981 00:09:00 MI 7120 K96no
Nocturne for chamber orchestra
Sound recording, archival 1984 00:14:00 AR725
North winds II
wind band works for younger musicians by Canadian composers and arrangers
Sound recording, archival 2012 00:77:00 CD 1332
Northern winds
Sound recording, commercial 2009 N/A CD 1278
On the shoulders of giants
Sound recording, archival 00:20:48 AR2367
Ornaments : chamber music by Allison Cameron.
Sound recording, commercial 2001 N/A CD 745
Overture for concert band
Print-music, Published by CMC 1983 00:09:00 MI 1800 K96ov
for piano and string orchestra
Print-music, Published by CMC 1999 00:17:00 MI 1661 K96pa
for piano and string orchestra
Sound recording, archival 2000 00:20:12 AR2109
Passacaglia, cadenzas, and finale
for trumpet, tuba and piano
Print-music, Published by CMC 1981 00:11:00 MI 6226 K96pa
Passacaglia, cadenzas and finale
Sound recording, archival 1982 00:11:00 AR639
Print-music, Published by CMC 1982 00:09:00 MI 6153 K96pe
Sound recording, archival 1983 00:08:30 AR639
The philosopher in the kitchen
and other vocal works, Vol. III
Sound recording, commercial 2003 N/A CD 791
Piano duo
Canadian music for two pianos
Sound recording, commercial 2007 N/A CD 1225
Political implications
Sound recording, archival 1997 Unknown ND 207
Political Implications
Sound recording, archival 1988 00:25:37 AR1044
Political implications
for clarinet quartet
Print-music, Published by CMC 1987 00:17:00 MI 5143 K96po
Prelude and fugue
for trumpet and piano
Print-music, published 1978 Unknown MI 6211 K96pr
Private collection
Sound recording, archival 2003 00:16:56 AR2762
Qilakitsoq: The Sky Hangs Low
Sound recording, archival 1991 00:19:01 AR1121
Quantum mechanics
music of Jeffrey Ryan
Sound recording, commercial 2006 N/A CD 1082
Quintet - sonata
for marimba and string quartet
Print-music, Published by CMC 1996 00:15:00 MI 8533 K96qu
Sound recording, archival Unknown ND167