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Paul McIntyre: Biography

Paul McIntyre
1931 -
Region: Ontario

Paul McIntyre

PAUL McINTYRE, born in Peterborough, Ontario in 1931 and raised in Hamilton, studied at the University of Toronto (Mus. Doc., 1958) and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, where his principal teachers were Arnold Walter (composition) and Bela Nagy (piano). He served as studio accompanist to the Lieder teacher Emmi Heim and as pianist and assistant to the Canadian Opera Company, and later toured for Columbia Community Concerts as accompanist to the baritone Jan Rubes. During 1953-54, he studied composition and conducting in Paris and Salzburg. In 1970, following nine years of academic appointments in the United States, he was appointed Head of the Music Department at the University of Windsor and remains there as Professor Emeritus.

In his earlier compositions McIntyre is a neo-classicist with a French accent, only occasionally tempted into tonal ambiguity. Having attended a workshop in serial analysis given by Milton Babbitt in the mid-60s, he began organizing his music along serial lines, without, however, completely abandoning his deeply rooted tonal instincts. In subsequent works, he has sought common ground between serial organization and broader public acceptance, a goal fully realized in such compositions as the Cantata “Seven Serial Psalms”, the Short Symphony “Matins for the Vigil of Assumption”, the Piano Concertino “Pieces of Four”, the Passion Oratorio “Live from Jerusalem”, the Tone Poem “Aurora Borealis”, the Song Cycle “Zone Pomes”, the Threnody “Requiescant in Pace” (for the victims of 9/11), the Operas “Thirteen Hands” and “Macbeth”, and the anti-war Cantata “The Emperor’s Last Song”.

McIntyre is well known as a champion of the music of his fellow countrymen. He hosted the 30th Anniversary Festival and Conference of the Canadian League of Composers, held in Windsor in 1981, and during the mid-80s, he designed and produced in Windsor the award-winning “Largely Canadian Series”, cited by PROCAN "in recognition of imaginative programming". In 2001, the Theatre Lyrique de Hull mounted a fully staged production of Calixa Lavallee’s operetta “La Veuve” with McIntyre’s 'restored' orchestration.



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