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Clermont Pépin: Biography

Clermont Pépin
1926 - 2006
Region: Québec

Clermont Pépin

CLERMONT PÉPIN, born in 1926, studied music in Montréal, Philadelphia, Toronto and Paris. He has won several awards, including three scholarships from CAPAC, the Prix d'Europe in 1949 and the Prix de Composition of Radio-Luxembourg in 1955.

In 1965 he founded, along with other artists and scientists, the Centre d'études prospectives du Québec, which published a work on "Sound, the fourth pollutant of the modern world". He was director of the Montréal Conservatory from 1967 to 1973, national president of the Jeunesses musicales du Canada from 1967 to 1972, and president of the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada (CAPAC) between 1981 and 1983. He returned to teaching, giving courses at the Montréal Conservatory until September, 1987.

In 1970 the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montréal awarded him its Prix de musique Calixa-Lavallée and its Bene Merenti de Patria medal for his complete musical production and his contribution to music in Québec. In 1980 Radio-Canada International published an anthology of Canadian music on disc in which were four records devoted to a retrospective of the works of Clermont Pépin. In 198l he became Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his contribution to the advancement of music in this country.

He has written more than 80 works for a range of musical ensembles and several articles about his works have appeared in specialized studies. His compositions have been performed in Canada, the United States, Europe, South America and Japan.




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