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Steve Tittle: Biography

Steve Tittle
1935 -
Region: British Columbia

Steve Tittle

STEVE TITTLE was born May 20, 1935 in Ohio. After his school years as a trumpet player in concert and jazz bands, and four years as a U.S. Navy musician, he studied music education and composition at Kent State University. Following three years of school music teaching he went on to study composition at the University of Wisconsin and he has received the degrees Master of Music (1966) and Doctor of Musical Arts (1974) from that institution.

In 1970 Tittle began a long teaching career in the Music Department of Dalhousie University in Halifax, where he was the founder/director of the Experimental Sound Studio and the experimental-music group MURPHY’S LAW, with its ongoing series of concerts since 1974. He was a founding member (1972) of the Halifax new-music organization inNOVAtions in MUSIC, and served as its artistic director from 1982 to 1986. He has also given concerts and produced a 12-inch LP as a solo performer (with tape) under the name (one of the) merely players. In 1990 he was co-founder of the new Halifax composer/performer-collective UPSTREAM, for which he continues to compose new (and re-arrange older) music. On retirement from Dalhousie in the late 1990’s, Tittle re-located to British Columbia. In 1999, Tittle briefly performed in Halifax again, re-uniting with members of UPSTREAM as well as MURPHY’S LAW.

In addition to his many works in the standard concert-music genres, Tittle has often composed for tape/live combinations, jazz groups, radio plays, dance and theatre productions, and other collaborations, He has also scored several documentary films (for the National Film Board and others) and has done arranging for everything from small groups to full orchestra.

Tittle feels that his style has been influenced by nearly everything in his background, including jazz and various non-European musics. Striving for a balance between structural clarity and intuitive spontaneity, he hopes that the style is reasonably accessible even in the more complex pieces.

Atlantic Canadian Composers Association
Canadian League of Composers.

Oct. 2007


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