Barry Truax - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Number
Print-music, Published by CMC 1979 00:10:00 MI 9120 T865ae
electroacoustic and computer music
Sound recording, commercial 1980 N/A R272
Androgyne, mon amour
Print-music, Published by CMC 1997 Unknown MI 9103 T865an
Androgyne, mon amour
Sound recording, archival 1998 00:16:23 AR2905
Sound recording, archival 00:18:30 AR848
Anthology of Canadian music: electroacoustic music
Sound recording, commercial 1990 N/A CD 370
Sound recording, archival 1980 00:09:30 AR611
Berlin - Montréal - Vancouver - Berlin
Opening of the Canadian Embassy = Inauguration de L'Ambassade du Canada = Eröffnung der Botschaft von Kanada
Sound recording, commercial 2005 N/A CD 1017
Beyond: for baritone and tape
In memoriam A.H.H.: for tenor, baritone and tape
Print-music, Published by CMC 1997 Unknown MV 1800 T865be
Big flutes
Canadian music for alto and bass flutes
Sound recording, commercial 2005 N/A CD 1019
Sound recording, archival 1971 00:13:30 AR527
Creative Tape Project :
electroacoustic music education
Monograph 1986 N/A ML 1092 .C754
Cultures électroniques, #6
Sound recording, commercial 1991 N/A CD 133
Digital soundscapes
computer and electroacoustic music by Barry Truax
Sound recording, commercial 1980 N/A CD 3
Sound recording, commercial 1992 N/A CD 381
Discontact! II
Sound recording, commercial 1995 N/A CD 382
for chamber orchestra and two digital soundtracks (stereo)
Print-music, Published by CMC 1991 Unknown MI 9400 T865do
Sound recording, archival 1992 00:19:11 AR1144
East wind
Print-music, Published by CMC 1981 00:11:00 MI 9110 T865ea
Five village soundscapes
The music of the environment series, no. 4
Monograph 1977 N/A QC 229 D38
From the Steppenwolf
Sound recording, archival 1971 00:18:00 AR526
Handbook for acoustic ecology
No.5, the music of the environment series
Monograph 1978 N/A QC 221.5 W675 1999
Handbook for acoustic ecology
Monograph 1999 N/A CD 1511
Sound recording, archival 1971 00:20:00 AR526
Hexachord sonata
Sound recording, archival 1970 00:11:00 AR527
Print-music, Published by CMC 1995 00:13:00 MI 9101 T865in
Inside: computer and electroacoustic music by Barry Truax
Sound recording, commercial 1996 N/A CD 306
Sound recording, commercial 2001 N/A CD 691
The little prince
Sound recording, archival 1971 00:49:55 AR525
Loon calls
Sound recording, archival 00:09:05 T 995