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Nicole Rodrigue: Biography

Nicole Rodrigue
1943 - 2010
Region: Québec

Nicole Rodrigue

NICOLE RODRIGUE studied at the École de musique Vincent d'Indy where she was awarded her bachelor's degree and a specialist teaching certificate. She continued her training at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal and received a "licence" in secular music. Feeling a growing attraction for composition, she goes to McGill University where she joined in the composition class of professors Istvan Anhalt and alcides lanza. She is the first woman to receive a Master of Musical Arts (MMA) in composition. Her broad experience in education lead her toward research focussing on an inventive environment in teaching music and she enrolls at the University of Montreal in the Ph.D. programme in education. She experimented with "Music Mouse Pro" creative software of the american composer Laurie Spiegel and she wrote a guide in pedagogical activities. From 1970 to 1998, she taught at the School Commission of Montreal. Her musical activities include her first European studies with the Jeunesses musicales of Belgium and later, in Darmstadt where her work Nasca was given its world premiere. Her compositions include works solo, duet, band, chamber music and choral music.

October 2001


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