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Georges-Émile Tanguay: Biography

Georges-Émile Tanguay
1893 - 1964
Region: Québec

Georges-Émile Tanguay

GEORGES-ÉMILE TANGUAYwas born in Québec City on June 5, 1893. His musical education was provided by Léon Dessane and J.-Arthur Bernier in Québec City, and by Arthur Letondal and Romain Pelletier in Montréal.

He left Canada for Paris where he studied organ with Louis Vierne and harmony with Félix Fourdrain between 1912 and 1914.

Tanguay made a second trip to France (1920) studying the organ, this time with Édouard Mignan, harmony and counterpoint with Georges Caussade and piano with Simone Plé-Caussade.

He was one of the first among the founding professors of the Montréal Conservatory of Music where he taught harmony. Later, he would teach harmony and organ at the University of Montréal.

Among the musicians whom he trained are: Marcel Beaulieu, Jeannine Bégin, Léon Bernier, Maurice Blackburn, Marcel Laurencelle, Magdeleine Martin, André Mérineau, Renée Morisset and Micheline Tessier.

His production consists essentially of early works. These include pieces for orchestra, among them Pavane which is relatively well-known, chamber music pieces, piano pieces and some works for mixed choir.

Music critic Léo-Pol Morin wrote about his Lied for organ: "a serious work, much more elaborate than the previous ones, where one finds again the same delicate lyricism which distinguishes the manner of this musician" (Papiers de Musique, Montréal 1930).

Georges-Émile Tanguay died on November 24, 1964.



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