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James Tenney: Media

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Audio (non-musical) Broadcast Excerpt, James Tenney Le Paix, Augusta. Two New Hours; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, March 19, 1989.
Image Detail, Borobudur Gamelan Gunawan K, GNU Free Documentation License
Image Handbill, Sound Pressure Bob Wilcox, design
Interview (text) Interview, Tenney's Cultural Influences: United States to Canada Colleen Renihan, Frank J. Oteri
Video Postcards from the Edge: Interview with James Tenney Frank Oteri, New Music Box; www.newmusicbox.org
Press (pdf) Magazine Article, Invisible Boundaries: James Tenney on his Cultural and Compositional Diversity Young, Gayle & James Tenney; MusicWorks #77, Summer 2000.
Press (pdf) Concert Review, Eastern and Western instruments let down their guard Bernstein, Tamara; National Post. June 29, 1999.
Press (pdf) CD Review, Road to Ubud Toronto Star. November 11, 2000.