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Ernst Schneider: Biography

Ernst Schneider
1939 -
Region: British Columbia

Ernst Schneider

Ernst Schneider received his early music training in Germany. In 1958 he immigrated to Canada, where he continued his music education. Among his teachers were Lloyd Powell, Helen Silvester, and Dr. Jean Coulthard. He also attended composition classes at several summer schools. Ernst Schneider's compositions include works for piano, voice, chamber groups, and orchestra. His music has been performed in festivals and concerts in Canada, USA, and Europe. He taught piano and adjudicated for many years and hosted a weekly two-hour music program on station CIGV for 12 years, featuring many Canadian compositions. His compositional style has been described as conservative, almost romantic, with just the right touch of contemporary flavour.

Ernst Schneider received his Canadian Citizenship in 1963 and makes his home in Penticton, British Columbia. In addition to writing, teaching, lecturing and adjudicating, he has also served as president of the B.C. Registered Music Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations. He holds an associate degree in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, and an associate degree in theory from the Trinity College of Music, London, England. He was honoured with a life membership of the BCRMTA and recently chosen as the Honorary President of the CFMTA/FCAPM.

In 2009 Ernst Schneider received an Honorary Licentiate Diploma from the Canadian National Conservatory of Music for his contributions to and promotion of Canadian music. In 2012 he was awarded the Queen Elisabeth Medal for his contribution to, and promotion of Canadian music and community support. Ernst Schneider’s first Piano Concerto “The Romantic” was first performed by the OSO and pianist Arnold Draper and received a second performance by the OSO with the young pianist Jaeden Izik-Dzurko in February 2018.