Roberta Stephen - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Number
À deux
Print-music, published 1992 Unknown MI 3126 S829a
All around my hat
Maritimes folksong
Print-music, published 1992 Unknown MI 3212 S829all
Panda suite
[cello and piano]
Print-music, published 1988 Unknown MI 3213 S829pa
Ballet dancers
Sound recording, archival 1981 00:00:43 AR2688
The birds
Print-music, Published by CMC 2006 Unknown MV 6103 S829bi
Can you see the wind?
five songs for children
Print-music, published 2009 Unknown MV 1101 S829ca
Canadian compositions for young pianists / Compositions canadiennes pour jeunes pianistes
Sound recording, commercial 2000 N/A CD 585
Canadian flute quartets
Sound recording, commercial 2010 N/A CD 1499
Canadian reflections
by four composers
Print-music, published 2009 Unknown MI 2110 G223ca
Print-music, Published by CMC 1980 Unknown MI 2110 S829ch
Sound recording, archival 1981 00:01:02 AR2688
Clowning around
Print-music, published 1997 Unknown MV 1101 S829cL
The course of love
Print-music, published 1984 Unknown MV 1101 S829co
The course of love
Sound recording, archival 1995 00:13:57 AR3100
Dancing strings
Print-music, published 1992 Unknown MI 3126 S829dan
la danse de bois brules
Sound recording, archival 2014 00:01:49 AR3222
Deux au facile
Print-music, published 2000 Unknown MI 3126 S829de
Diamond jubilee collection
Print-music, published 1997 Unknown MI 2110 W329di
Eye of the seasons
Sound recording, archival 2014 00:12:51 AR3223
The eye of the seasons
Print-music, Published by CMC 1997 00:11:00 MV 1211 S829eye
[Cello and piano]
Print-music, published 1992 Unknown MI 3213 S829fa
Print-music, published 1984 Unknown MI 2110 S829fr
The Glory of God
a choral cycle for women's voices, transcribed by Roberta Stephen
Print-music, Published by CMC 1973 Unknown MV 6000 A672glo
Hush you bye
trio SSA
Print-music, published 1990 Unknown MV 3000 S829hu
J'entends le moulin
Sound recording, archival 2014 00:01:27 AR3222
Lone wild bird
Sound recording, archival 2014 00:05:43 AR3173
The lone wild bird
for flute quartet
Print-music, Published by CMC 1979 00:06:00 MI 5141 S829Lo
Lullabies Talismans and Other Spells
for voice and piano
Print-music, published 1982 Unknown MV 1101 S829lu
March remembered
Sound recording, archival 1981 00:00:39 AR2689
The Monotony Song
for voice and piano
Print-music, published 1991 Unknown MV 1101 S829mo