Donald Coakley - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Number
Bright blue water
Print-music, published 1995 Unknown MI 1800 C652bri
A Canadian folk rhapsody
Print-music, published 1982 00:05:30 MI 1800 C652caf
Print-music, published 1973 00:10:00 MI 1800 C652can
Print-music, Published by CMC 1985 Unknown MI 1800 C652ca
Print-music, published 1998 00:03:30 MI 1800 C652ce
Concert in the park = Concert en plein air
Sound recording, commercial 1988 N/A CD 21
Connections in brass
Sound recording, commercial 2005 N/A CD 986
Declarative statements
Print-music, published Unknown MI 1800 C652de
Directions north
A triptych of Canadian folk songs = Un triptyque de chants populaires canadiens
Print-music, published 1977 00:08:00 MI 1500 C652di
Donkey riding
A fantasy for band
Print-music, published 1997 Unknown MI 1800 C652do
Donkey riding
Print-music, published 1989 Unknown MV 6000 C652do
Earth songs
Print-music, Published by CMC 1986 Unknown MV 6101 C652ea
Festive occasion
A celebratory work
Print-music, published 1985 Unknown MI 1800 C652fes
for solo saxophone
Print-music, Published by CMC 1985 Unknown MI 5115 C652im
Images of Canada
Sound recording, commercial N/A CD 1335
In concert
Mount Royal Youth Choir
Sound recording, commercial 1993 N/A CD 1301
Land of the silver birch
A folk song fantasy
Print-music, published 1993 Unknown MI 1800 C652Lan
Lyric essay
Print-music, published 1978 00:05:00 MI 1800 C652Ly
A mystical way
Print-music, published 2009 00:03:00 MI 1800 C652my
North winds
Wind Band Works for Younger Musicians by Canadian Composers and Arrangers
Sound recording, archival 2012 00:60:48 CD 1151
North winds II
wind band works for younger musicians by Canadian composers and arrangers
Sound recording, archival 2012 00:77:00 CD 1332
Sound recording, commercial 1994 N/A CD 264
Prologue and dramatic music
Print-music, Published by CMC 1980 00:12:00 MI 1800 C652pr
Quartal sinfonia
Print-music, published 1983 Unknown MI 1800 C652qua
Rattle on the stovepipe
Print-music, published 1989 Unknown MV 6101 C652bo
Songs for the morning band
Print-music, published 1980 00:08:00 MI 1800 C652son
Print-music, published 1996 Unknown MI 1800 C652soni
Suite for a band of players
Print-music, published 1995 00:09:00 MI 1800 C652su
Three nativities
Print-music, Published by CMC 1986 Unknown MV 6000 C652th
To Canada - love, Fredericton high school
Sound recording, commercial 1994 N/A CD 226