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Melissa Hui: Media

Typesort icon Title Credits
Image CD Cover, and blue sparks burn Mark Hand (design)
Image Photograph, Pipa Charlie Huang, GNU Free Documentation License
Interview (text) Interview, Hui’s Cultural Influences: Hong Kong to Canada Dr. Mary Ingraham
Programme (pdf) Halcyon Ensemble programme featuring Melissa Hui's Lacrymosa Halcyon Ensemble
Programme (pdf) New Juilliard Ensemble programme featuring Melissa Hui's Speaking in Tongues New Juilliard Ensemble
Programme (pdf) SMCQ Festival of New Music programme featuring Melissa Hui's Come as you are SMCQ, Musimars Festival of New Music
Programme (pdf) Terminal City Soundscape Cabinet Interdisciplinary Collaborations, Push, Music on Main
Video Soundstreams creation of Melissa Hui's Pimooteewin Soundstreams
Press (pdf) Magazine Article, Completely Contemporary Chatelin, Ray. Completely Contemporary; Words and Music, Vol. 2 No. 2, February 1995.
Press (pdf) Melissa Hui wins top award Mark Perry, Winnipeg Sun

Podcasts featuring Melissa Hui

Influences de Musiques diversesfr
Influences of Many Musicsen