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Morris Kates: Biography

Morris Kates
1923 - 2013
Region: Ontario

Morris Kates

Morris Kates is at present a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa, after a 50-year career as a researcher in Biochemistry at the National Research Council and a teacher in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa. He was born in Galati, Romania in 1923, came to Canada with his parents in 1924, and grew up in Toronto. He began his musical studies with violin lessons at the age of eleven and began composing at sixteen. He became interested in both science and music at the same time in high school. At the University of Toronto, he studied science (physics, chemistry and Biovchemistry) and continued with music (harmony, counterpoint and composition) as a hobby. He also gained experience in orchestral and chamber music in the University of Toronto Orchestra and later in chamber orchestras and string quartets in Ottawa. He has been influenced by 20th century composers such as Debussy, Ravel. Hindemith, Prokofief, Shostakovitch, Schoenberg, Britten and Bartok. His early compositions show the influence of impressionism and twelve-tone technique, but his later works are neoclassic and neoromantic in structure and harmony, and recently he has shown and interest in vocal music and music for winds.

October 18, 2001


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