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Christos Hatzis: Media

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Image Photograph, Constantinople Performance Michel Boulianne, courtesy Tapestry New Opera Works
Image Photograph, Constantinople Performance Donald Lee, courtesy Tapestry New Opera Works
Image Hatzis - 2017 JUNO Awards Gala Red Carpet CARAS/iPhoto Inc
Interview (text) Essay, Hatzis’s Cultural Influences: Greece to Canada Dr. Mary Ingraham
Video Trailer, Constantinople Gryphon Trio. Constantinople Trailer; www.gryphontrio.com, date unknown.
Video Video Excerpt, Constantinople, Mvmt. I - Creeds hotfusion.net. Christos Hatzis' Constantinople, Live performance excerpts and photos 2004 vs2 DVD; Gryphon Trio, 2004.
Video Constantinople by Christos Hatzis Christos Hatzis, Gryphon Trio, Maryem Hassan Tollar, Patricia O'Callaghan
Video Performance of Fertility Rites: Movement III by Christos Hatzis Christos Hatzis, Andrew Dunsmore
Video Christos Hatzis: Atonement premiered by Yegor Dyachkov and Jean Saulnier Christos Hatzis, Yegor Dyachkov, Jean Saulnier
Video Christos Hatzis:Old Photographs performed by Jonathan Chan, Jonathan Lo and Naomi Woo Christos Hatzis, Jonathan Chan, Jonathan Lo, Naomi Woo
Video Christos Hatzis: Evmelia II Festival, full concert of his works Christos Hatzis

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