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Jean Derome: Biography

Jean Derome
1955 -
Region: Québec

Jean Derome

Jean Derome is a cofounder of the Ambiances Magnétiques record label (www.ambiancesmagnetiques.com), and is one of the most active and provocative members involved in the many creative music movements of Montreal; he is a model and an inspiration for all who inhabit the imaginative world of new music.

A recipient of the 1992 Freddie Stone Award, Derome has, for many years been an innovator in the art of putting sounds together and of taking sounds apart. As an accomplished musician, composer, interpreter, instrumentalist (actually, a multi-instrumentalist) and improvisor, he has been working to enlarge boundaries of music for more than thirty years.

Derome has wide training in the classical, ancient, baroque, contemporary, pop, folk, jazz, modal, tonal, atonal, twelve-tone, and cacophonous schools. He is able to mix together a vast range of elements and re-express them in an eclectic language that is completely contemporary.

His creativity was witnessed in his experiments with Montrealers René Lussier and Pierre Tanguay, his collaborations with every musician of the Ambiances Magnétiques label as well Fred Frith and Lars Hollmer (both from Europe). Derome's approach to improvisation, tone and texture point to this creative intensity.

Similarly, his numerous projects with the theatre directors Denis Marleau, Claude Poissant, Lorraine Pintal; choreographers Louise Bédard, Ginette Laurin, Andrew L. Harwood; filmakers Jacques Leduc, Pierre Hébert, Micdka Saäl, Michelle Cournoyer, John Walker bear witness to his commitment to rediscovering the legitimate place and function of music in the theatre, the dance and the cinema. Derome is a contemporary musician who knows where music should be headed and who can take it there, and who continues to redefine what music means. In this, Jean Derome is a leading figure who understands the challenge of ensuring that power is truly shared between the composer, the conductor and the players; he is one of the rare composers who attaches such complete importance to the role of the interpreter and the instrumentalist.


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