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Hervé Galli: Biography

Hervé Galli
1957 -
Region: Ontario

Hervé Galli

Born in Corsica (France) and now living in Canada, Hervé Galli (b. July 12, 1957) is recognized by the international music community as both a remarkable composer and a pianist of exceptional virtuosity.

He began studying the piano at the age of two and a half with his father, a graduate of the Paris Conservatory (piano and violin). Continuing his musical education with Madame Simone Deidier and Professor Gabril Gordon, who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and was the student of Kapp (who was himself the sutdent of Rimski-Korsakof), he was taught musical theory and composition.

Hervé Galli's pianistic technique was born of an astonishing auditory revelation concerning the playing method employed by Karlheinz Stockhausen in Klavierstuck VII and X, though it contests the latter's principle of "establishing the choice of a non-traditional approach to piano technique over the sonorous sound inherent in this instrument.)

Following intense study, Hervé Galli created a panoply of pianistic processes which enabled him to realize his principle of composition by conferring and orchestral sonority onto the piano that is unique.

The spiritual pupil of Franz Liszt, whose pianistic research fascinates him, Hervé Galli aligned himself with the belief of this immense genius that "virtuosity must be the means and not the end". This is reflected in the compositions "Rhapsodic Poems" and "12 Constructive Preludes" (works for piano by Hervé Galli).

Discovered in Canada by Jim Montgomery, a respected composer in North America and Artistic Director of the Music Gallery inToronto, it was he who provided Hervé Galli with the opportunity to create his first works on the new continent in 1986.

Several of Hervé Galli's works were commissioned by either benefactors or organizations representing diverse international communities which have taken an interest in his brilliant career. This is precisely the case of the Toronto Alliance Française, for whom he will soon present several works as world premières for piano, ensemble and voice at the Jane Mallett Theatre (April 1993). In Japan, Hervé Galli's participation in cultural events as a representative of Canada early in the 1993 season will mark a portentous and decisive step forward on the international scene. In 1990, he received a veritable ovation at the close of his first concert in Moscow.