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Antoine Ouellette: Biography

Antoine Ouellette
1960 -
Region: Québec

Antoine Ouellette

Biologist, composer and musicologist, Antoine Ouellette holds a PH.D. in Étude et pratique des arts (Arts Studies and Practices) from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) for interdisciplinary research on bird songs. His biomusicological essay Le chant des oyseaulx is published by Éditions Triptyque (Montréal: 2008). A surprise awaited in November 2007: Antoine Ouellette is diagnosed with autism (Asperger syndrome). This landmark event inspired his second book: Musique autiste. Vivre et composer avec le syndrome d’Asperger [Autistic Music. How to live and compose with Asperger syndrome] (Triptyque 2011). The publication of a third essay about music is planned for 2017. Excellent communicator, since it gives many lectures on birds and autism, for all audiences.

Antoine Ouellette has composed over sixty works, including Bourrasque, for solo flute (published by the Éditions Henry Lemoine, Paris), and Une Messe pour le Vent qui souffle, an huge 45 minutes organ work commissioned by CBC and unanimously acclaimed by critics. Joie des Grives, an orchestral contemplation based on 11 North-Eastern America’s bird species songs, was presented in July 2008 at the Festival International de Lanaudière, with the orchestra under the baton of Maestro Jean-Marie Zeitouni. The Prince-Edward-Island Symphony Orchestra, under Dr James Mark, gave the première of Perce-neige in February 2009. In 2011, Forestare gave Fougères 2 for orchestra of guitars, doublebass and Native American frame drum.

In 2014, two of his works for solo instrument were created in Lyon: Auberivière (flute) and Dent-de-lion (oboe). In the fall of 2016, three of his works are created again in Lyon as part of a series of concerts and lectures: Roseaux (for English horn and chamber orchestra), Rivages (clarinet) and Roseraie for small orchestra, the latter under his direction and which had to be replayed in bis.

Antoine Ouellette is also interested in Gregorian chant, which he studied with renowned masters and which he regularly conducts. His personal approach involved composer of Western classical tradition to which it integrates both contemporary techniques and fundamental principles of modal music. At once meditative and energetic, his music has echoes of the sounds of nature, calling human civilization to better align with it.



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