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Christian Calon: Biography

Christian Calon
1950 -
Region: Québec

Christian Calon

Christian Calon's first works emerged in Canada and soon brought him international attention. In 1989-90 he acted as vice-president for the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. In 1991 he was appointed to the musical direction of the CMEM (France) and in 1995 he was guest of the DAAD in Berlin, where he lived for several years. His artistic research lead at that time to the development of a widely-used graphic multi-channel spatialization system based on the principle of holophony. His concert works, sound installations or radio projects have al in common the exploration of the listening experience. The conception of sound shape projection and the importance of listening contexts are at the heart of his creative research, leading to an ongoing process of investigation of new technologies. To further his interest in narrative forms through sound, he turned to writing for the radio medium. His present work focuses on the idea of Time through several musical forms: concert music, dance, a radio project, and sound installation. Christian Calon now lives in Montreal.



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