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Nikolai Korndorf: Media

Typesort icon Title Credits
Text - non-musical (text) Interview Excerpt, A new feeling about our world Levin, Ted. A new feeling about our world; SK 66824, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1996.
Image Photograph, Maud Lewis Lance Gerard Woolaver
Image Detail, Maud Lewis Painting The Estate of Maud Lewis
Image Detail, Maud Lewis Painting The Estate of Maud Lewis
Interview (text) Essay, Korndorf’s Cultural Influences: Russia to Canada Dr. Mary Ingraham
Video Performance of Korndorf's arrangement of Hava Nagila Nikolai Korndorf, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Volga
Video Performance of Yarilo by Nikolai Korndorf Nikolai Korndorf, Peter Aidu
Video Performance of Korndorf's Dance in Metal Vladimir Urbanovich
Video Nikolai Korndorf - Yarilo (1981) - Cheryl Duvall piano Composer: Nikolai Korndorf, Piano: Cheryl Duvall, Electronic by Gregory Lee Newsome, Video by Alison Gray and Audio by John Gray
Video Nikolai Korndorf - Triptych Nikolai Korndorf, Ariel Barnes, Anna Levy
Video Nikolai Korndorf - Concerto Capriccioso Nikolai Korndorf, Alexander Ivashkin, The Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra, Valery Gergiev
Video Nikolai Korndorf's Are you ready, brother? Nikolai Korndorf
Video Nikolai Korndorf's In D for symphony orchestra Nikolai Korndorf
Video Nikolai Korndorf: Canzone Triste performed by Sanya Eng of Continuum Contemporary Music Nikolai Korndorf. Sanya Eng, harp.
Video Nikolai Korndorf: Symphony No.3 Nikolai Korndorf; Orchestras and Choirs of Moscow Conservatory directed by Alexander Lazarev, 10 October 2015.

Score and parts for this performance provided by CMC Music Services.
Video Nikolai Korndorf: Quartet Nikolai Korndorf; Emily Carr String Quartet; Music on Main
Video Amen presented by the Yarilo Contemporary Music Society Yarilo Contemporary Music Society, Claude Vivier, Nikolai Korndorf, Jocelyn Morlock