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Susan Frykberg: Biography

Susan Frykberg
1954 -
Region: International

Susan Frykberg

Susan Frykberg (New Zealand/Canada) is a composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music who often combines feminist ideas and selected theatrical processes in her work. She has created a number of 'environments' in which stories (often mythological), of women's lives are the context for her music. Since the birth of her son, Esha, much of her music has attempted to bring some sense of the momentous and awe-inspiring nature of birth-giving (and hence motherhood), into her work.

Most recently, Susan has immersed herself in contemplation on the nature of Western Civilization, through deep study of Theology, Ancient Greek, Latin and Gregorian Chant. Susan has studied with, and been influenced by composers John Rimmer, Barry Vercoe, Barry Connyngham, Iannis Xenakis, Barry Truax; and priest and theologian Kevin McKone. As a recent convert to Catholicism, she is currently exploring the lively, turbulent and sometimes fraught relationship between the Catholic Church, the arts and society.

Her music has been recorded for the label Earsay, available at earsay.com. Early works were recorded for Underwich Editions - Toronto.

Susan is a member of the Centre for New Zealand Music, The Canadian Music Centre, The World Forum of Acoustic Ecology and the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. She has a Masters degree from SFU (Simon Fraser University, Canada), and has received commissions and grants through the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council from some of Canada's leading performers. She taught for seven years in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, has been a regular guest lecturer at The Ontario College of Art, Toronto, and Emily Carr College, Vancouver, and taught Electroacoustic Music at Auckland University in 1989.

Her CDs are available from earsay.com


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