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T. Patrick Carrabré: Biography

T. Patrick Carrabré
1958 -
Region: Prairie

T. Patrick Carrabré

Change has been good for composer T. Patrick Carrabré. While he still finds inspiration in the traditions of western music, his ears have led him to forge connections across a broad range of musical boundaries and explore new models for contemporary music. Carrabré’s best known compositions include Inuit Games, for throat singers (katajjak) and orchestra, which was a recommended work at the International Rostrum of Composers (2003), Sonata No. 1, The Penitent, for violin and piano, and From the Dark Reaches, which were nominated for JUNO awards (in the category of Best Classical Composition), and A Hammer For Your Thoughts… which won a Western Canadian Music Award (Best Classical Composition).

Carrabré began his career using the musical language of twelve-tone tonality. During this period he created many successful works, including the two violin sonatas and the first two symphonies. Beginning in 1994 he held the position of Associate Composer with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO), a relationship that included regular commissions and premieres at the New Music Festival (NMF). Becoming Composer in Residence in 2001, he began to explore a broader range of influences, including music from other world cultures, postmodernism and popular music. Carrabré also spent an intense two years as the weekend host of CBC Radio 2’s contemporary music show The Signal. With a mandate to forge connections across a broad range of musical boundaries, that experience had a profound influence on his musical direction, which often includes fixed audio, manipulated text and unconventional performance demands.


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