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Douglas Schmidt: Biography

Douglas Schmidt
1955 -
Region: British Columbia

Douglas Schmidt

Douglas Schmidt is a rare breed of compose/performer. He has received two CBC national radio prizes for composition, two Performing Rights Organization (now So Can) awards for composition and an international prize for composition from the National Association of Composers USA. During 2007-8 Douglas was a resident composer with the Esprit Orchestra Creative Sparks program in Toronto and was also resident composer with the Victoria Symphony from 2002-2005. During that time, he was also appointed as a lecturer at the University of Victoria.

Douglas has been commissioned by the Esprit Orchestra TO, the Vancouver Symphony, CBC Radio, the University of Montreal, the Continuum ensemble, Queen of Puddings, the Aventa Ensemble and most recently by the Laudate Singers (Vancouver).

His music for the video video Dance to This won an AMPIA Award and was selected unanimously by the world film festival association for a world tour in 2004.

Symphony orchestras who have performed Schmidt's music or whom he has performed with include the Buffalo Philharmonic, Montreal Symphony, former CBC Symphony, Hamilton Symphony, Esprit Orchestra, Napa Valley Symphony, Windsor Symphony, Halifax Symphony, Colorado Symphony, Montana Symphony, Shreveport Symphony, Victoria Symphony and Vancouver Symphony.

Schmidt plays and instrument called the Bandoneon (invented in Germany in 1855) that is popular in tango music. He performs with guitarist Kay Sleking from Amsterdam, his ensemble in Vancouver Tango Paradiso, and Quartango from Montreal- recent winners of the Prix Opus for best instrumental performances in Quebec 2008-9.

Douglas currently lives in Aachen Germany with his wife Emelie, 3 parrots Sophie, Arriba and Simbo, 2 dogs Puccini and Yeti and Andalucian horse Cadenza.



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