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Veronika Krausas: Media

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Audio (non-musical) Audio, Midaregami Barber, Kimberley (mezzo-soprano); Penderecki String Quartet. Broadcast recording, 2007.
Interview (text) Interview, Krausas' Cultural Influences: Australia to Canada Colleen Renihan
Text - musical (pdf) Tangled Hair: Selected Tanka from Midaregami Yosano, Akiko, trans. Sanford Goldstein and Seishi Shinoda. Courtesy of Cheng & Tsui, 2002.
Video The Mortal Thoughts of Lady MacBeth by Veronkia Krausas Veronika Krausas, USC Thornton School of Music
Video Veronika Krausas: Sillages performed by double basses of the LA Philharmonic Veronika Krausas, members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Video Veronika Krausas: A Tale of Two Compositions talk at Culture and Music Event Veronika Krausas, Derek Stein
Video Interview, Veronika Krausas Jeremy Strachan, John S. Gray, Colleen Renihan
Video Video, Midaregami Robert Drummond
Video Veronica Krausas - Composer Portrait Veronika Krausas, Jeremy Strachan, John S. Gray, Colleen Renihan
Press (pdf) Magazine Article, Time Has Died: The Music of Veronika Krausas Philip Gray, D'Arcy; musicworks, # 83, 2002.

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