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W. L. Altman: Biography

W. L. Altman
1959 -
Region: Prairie

W. L. Altman

W.L. Altman completed his Bachelor of Music in theory and composition in 1986, for which he received the Murray Adaskin Composition Award. In 2000, under the supervision of Randall Snyder, he went on to complete a Master of Music in composition at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he was bestowed the Vreeland Award for outstanding graduate student in Fine Arts. Since 1996, he has produced over 20 works, including music for the Timaeus Ensemble and the Third Chair Chamber Players. Recent performances include the work Miramachi in Fredericton by the Motion Ensemble and is it because? in St. John's at Sound Symposium XI. Since 2000, W.L. Altman has been teaching composition at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB.


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