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Yannick Plamondon: Biography

Yannick Plamondon
1970 -
Region: Québec

Yannick Plamondon

Born 9th of August 1970, St-Gabriel-de Valcartier Québec (P.Q.) Plamondon's music draws its breath from a rigorous questioning (and plundering) of his Québec heritage and his affinity for a potential unsanctioned culture off the beaten track...in so doing, he manages to throw a spanner in the ubiquitous dialectic between the self-made American frontiersman and the dutiful inheritor of unwieldy European mantles. Sedimental culture? Perhaps. But it is one which still has a palpable distance to go before its ultimate entropic termination... (Marc Couroux 2001)

One of the most gifted composers of his generation in Quebec, Yannick Plamondon was born on August 9, 1970, in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier near Quebec City. A self-taught musician at first, he then studied composition at the Quebec Music Conservatory where he won his first prize with great honours. Later, he studied computer-assisted composition with Serge Provost at the Montreal Music Conservatory, obtaining his Masters Degree in 1999. He also had the privilege to work under the tutelage of renowned composers such as Jonathan Harvey, Luca Francesconi, Tristan Murail and York Höller.

Yannick Plamondon works have been performed in Canada and abroad by ensembles such as Le Nouvel Ensemble moderne, L¹Ensemble contemporain de Montréal, the Quebec Symphony Orchestra, the KORE Ensemble, the Toronto New Music Concerts ensemble, the New Music Ensemble of Kiev, The Netherland Radio Kammerorchestre and Klangforum Wien, to name a few.

A winner of CBC/Radio-Canada Competition for young composers in 1999, he won in 2002 the prestigious Jules-Léger Prize for New Chamber Music, offered by the Canada Council for the Arts, for his work Autoportrait sur Times Square, a commission from Toronto¹s Continuum ensemble. He has also won the Orchestral Music Prize of the National Arts Center in 1995 and the Prize of Forum 1998 presented by Le Nouvel Ensemble moderne. His works have been selected for the Gaudeamus 2000 Festival, for the Ton Brunyel Prize (Holland) and have been presented at UNESCO¹s International Rostrum of Composers.

Written for the most diverse instrumental combinations up to the whole symphony orchestra, Yannick Plamondon's music is characterized by a natural gift for colour, recurrence, complex combinations, intertextuality, and the aspiration to fuse lyricism and formalism. Yannick Plamondon is greatly preoccupied with the renewal of the concert formula. To this end, and because he thinks that the realization of an idea is formulated anew through different models or mediums, most of his recent endeavours have led him to work artists from other disciplines.


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