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Patrick Saint-Denis: Biography

Patrick Saint-Denis
1975 -
Region: Québec

Patrick Saint-Denis

Patrick Saint-Denis studied composition at the music conservatories in Quebec City, Montreal and The Hague, mathematics at UQAM and Université Laval and finally computer science on the Web. His works combine music, live audio-visual processing and robotics.

Patrick Saint-Denis devises interactive installations planned first and foremost for concert venues. His audio-reactive inventions come in formats ranging from videographic installations to large-scale robotic devices. His performances call on various musical ensembles so that his interactive installations may be sound-driven.

Straddling concert music and digital art, his works have been showcased in exhibitions as well, namely at the Biennale d’art numérique (BIAN/Elektra, 2013), the Musée national des beaux arts du Québec (2013) and throughout the Accès culture Montréal network (2013).

His music has been heard at festivals such as International Gaudeamus Music Week (Netherlands, 2003, 2004), Montréal Nouvelles Musiques (Canada, 2005, 2009), the ISCM World Music Days (Croatia, 2005, Slovakia 2013), Mois Multi (Canada, 2008), the Cervantino festival (Mexico, 2009) and the ICMC (U.K., 2011).

He has received performances by such prestigious ensembles as the Trio Fibonacci, ECM+, the Continuum Ensemble and the Onix Ensamble. His work has earned him several awards, among them the Jules Léger Prize in 2004.

Patrick Saint-Denis has collaborated on a regular basis with artists Jean Piché, Herman Kolgen, Zack Settel and choreographer Karine Ledoyen. He is currently a doctoral student in composition at the University of Montreal.


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