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Carol Ann Weaver: Media

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Press (pdf) Article, Every Three Children: Carol Ann Weaver debuts musica tribute to African AIDS victims Angela Roorda, University of Waterloo Arts Research Update, Volume 2, Issue 7, March 2006.
Image CD Cover, Every Three Children Paper Prayers Project (design); Rebecca Campbell (photo)
Interview (text) Interview, Weaver's Cultural Influences: United States to Canada Colleen Renihan
Video Interview, Carol Ann Weaver Colleen Renihan, Jeremy Strachan
Text - musical (pdf) Lyrics, Every Three Children Carol Ann Weaver
Press (pdf) Newspaper article, Local fundraiser concert to benefit AIDS work in Africa Waterloo Chronicle, January 23rd 2008. Courtesy of the Waterloo Chronicle
Image Photograph, AIDS Quilt courtesy Carol Ann Weaver
Image Photograph, Carol Ann Weaver in concert courtesy Carol Ann Weaver
Image Photograph, Rebecca Campbell and Mageshen Naidoo courtesy Carol Ann Weaver
Image Photograph, Zulu Township School courtesy Carol Ann Weaver
Audio (non-musical) Soundscape, Voices IV Carol Ann Weaver; Rebecca Campbell; David Travers Smith (engineer)