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Ricardo Dal Farra: Biography

Ricardo Dal Farra
1957 -
Region: Québec

Ricardo Dal Farra

Ricardo Dal Farra (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1957) has been active in the field of arts, sciences and new technologies for more than 25 years as composer, multimedia artist, educator, researcher, performer and curator.

Coordinator of the Multimedia Communication National Program at Argentina's National Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (1996 - 2003); Director of the Electronic Arts Experimental and Research Center (CEIArtE) in Buenos Aires since 2002; Director of Musical Production specialty at ORT Technical School - Buenos Aires (1992 - 1999); Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studio since 1978; Consultant for UNESCO's Digi-Arts worldwide project since 2002.

Professor of Music Technology at National University of Tres de Febrero; Professor of Composition and Improvisation at National University of San Martin; Professor of Acoustics at the National Conservatory of Music and Professor of Electroacoustics at Buenos Aires Municipal Music Conservatory. Former Professor of Multimedia at IMD Institute and ORT Technical School, and Professor of Music and Sound on Films at the Art Panamerican School.

His music has been played in concerts and symposiums in more than 40 countries, and has been recorded in 15 different editions. He also performs using live interactive systems since the mid 80's. Dal Farra's work has been distinguished with grants and commissions by the International Computer Music Association, the International Arts Biennial of São Pablo - Brazil, the National Endowment for the Arts from Argentina, the Concourse International the Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges - France, National Rostrum of Composers from Argentina, Centro di Sonologia Computazionale from Padova's University - Italy, among others. He has been invited to present his music, researches and educational developments at CCRMA - Stanford University, New York University, Dartmouth College, The Julliard School of Music and Brooklyn College, in the United States, the University of Brasilia and Itaú Cultural in Brazil, The National Conservatory of Music of La Paz in Bolivia, the University of Puerto Rico, IRCAM in France, The Banff Centre in Canada, among other institutions.

Dal Farra has been directing radio series with electroacoustic music for the National Radio of Argentina and the Municipal Radio of Buenos Aires for more than 10 years. He is member of the Board of Advisory Editors of the Journal of New Music Research since 1988 and International Editor for Leonardo Music Journal - International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology since 1995.

Ricardo Dal Farra has lived in Montréal since April 2003, when he received a grant for Researchers in Residence from the Daniel Langlois Foundation for the Art, Science and Technology.